Sharp and flat missing from Special Characters dialog

• Jan 9, 2014 - 00:56
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Graphical (UI)
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The Special Characters dialog doesn't have the Sharp or Flat symbols, despite having double-sharp, double-flat etc. There are two blank buttons in the vicinity of the sharp/flat variants that may be intended for the normal ones.

Steps to reproduce:
Add any text (e.g. staff text).
Attempt to write "B(flat) clarinet".
Press F2 to show special characters, for flat symbol.
Sad face.

I'm using the latest nightly build on Mac.


Status (old) active fixed

It is there, but not under "Musical Symbols", instead you'd find it under "Other" and there in "Code Page" 38, along with quarter note, 8th note, 2 8th notes, 2 16th notes and natural.

Status (old) fixed active

actually it would make sense to show these under "Music Symbols " too. Probably all 7 glyphs, U+2659 - U+266F, quarter note, 8th note, 2 beamed 8th notes, 2 beamed 16th notes, flat, natural and sharp.

Ok, I wouldn't have thought of looking on Code Page 38. I would have given up after scanning the first 36 pages ;-)
In Musescore 1.3, the first 3 symbols on the special characters palette are natural, sharp and flat. I think most musicians would agree that they deserve that prominence because they're three of the most important symbols in music. They're far more important than double-sharp and double-flat which *do* appear in the Musescore 2 dialog, so I totally agree with your 2nd comment. I'm assuming the two blank glyphs in the dialog were meant to be sharp and flat.