Add Unicode accidentals to "Common Symbols" section of Special Characters

• May 19, 2016 - 17:30
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To help avoid the alignment problem reported at and


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Seeing this marked as closed, I went to check it out. Special Characters currently looks like this:

Special Characters.png

The "bad" accidentals are still right at the beginning, and will probably still cause a lot of people problems. The "good" Unicode ones are buried in the middle, much less prominent. Could these be switched?

Well, what is good, what is bad?
The first batch of symbols listed there are Musical symbols, the 2nd batch are Unicode text, same order as the other Tabs of that Dialog. Swapping the batches would move the Musical symbols to the end.

Looking at your original PR, I see what you mean about the two batches of symbols. Is there any way you can get just the first three out of the second batch and put them before the first batch? Here's what I'm thinking:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.58.10 AM.png

"Good" and "bad" are "...for purposes of adding accidentals to text." See this image from

The "bad" one on the left is the one that people are still going to use if it's first thing.

If that would be too messy, an alternative might be to move the "bad" accidentals to the end of their section—so they'd be right next to the "good" ones at the start of the Unicode section. Then at least people would notice that there were two sets, and maybe try both.

Well, logically they do group together with double flat and double sharp, and also with the various notes, which in turn go together with the rests.

From what I understood you to say, a third category for just those three symbols at the beginning would be the most logical—except it would look funny on the back end.