Translations - the next steps

• Jan 10, 2014 - 08:50

Not sure whether it belongs here or into the technology preview forum, but as translation of 1.x isn't possible anymore anyway, I think this place here can't be too wrong ;-)

As translation of the MuseScore 2.0 core texts have started quite a while ago and make good progress, and the rumours go that the upcoming 2.0 is in a feature freeze and not too far from release, I think it is about time to tackle more translation issues:

  • Instruments (..share/templates/instruments.xml -> instruments_LANG.xml)
  • Plugins (esp. those that come with MuseScore and already are translatable: break, helloqml, notenames)
  • Plugin documentation (...manual/plugin/*.html)

Have I forgotten something?

Would it make sense to have keyboard shortcuts being dependant of the language chosen by the user? Like 'b' for the note doesn't really make sense in German, should be 'h' here, but that in turn is for hairpin, which again isn't a good mnemonic in German.

What about the handbook? While its current translation happens on and this seems good enough to me, it'd be good if the PDF versions of it a) get generated afresh as needed and b) would be available for download via MuseScore's resource manager

Any thoughts about how these should be done? Is it possible to get these onto transifex? As separate resources of the MuseScore project, maybe?
Would Qt be able to extract the strings for translation from these (should work fine for plugins), or are some other methods needed (like some script or program)?
Or will it be an 'all-manual' process?


Seems to me enough has changed regarding the handbook that it is going to need some rewriting - not sure what the status of that might be.

I think there are some strings in the source that could still use a once-over in terms of consistency of capitalization, whether certain terms are one word or two (eg, "notehead" versus "note head"). Probably best to get that taken care of sooner rather than later.

Also I could wait until I would see the standalone files on Transifex between resources.

And I shouldn´t download the files and work on them at the time being until further notice.

Instruments (..share/templates/instruments.xml -> instruments_LANG.xml)

I was trying to find some information about the 2.0 handbook translation, but couldn't find any. Will 2.0 have a completely new handbook or the current one will be revised? (= should I start rewriting the many outdated pages in our translation or wait for a new book?)

On a side note, I like your idea about the language-dependent shortcuts, since we use H/B instead of B/Bb in Hungary too. Did this get any further attention?

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