Wrong clef when changing from tab to standard staff on guitar part

• Jan 15, 2014 - 18:55
S4 - Minor

Windows 7, GIT commit: d65c722

There are two manifestations of this.

A. Changing staff type in Create Instrument

1) create new score from scratch
2) add instrument Acoustic Guitar [Tablature]
3) click the entry for the staff
4) add linked staff
5) in the entry for the linked staff, change staff type to Standard

Result: clef is Treble clef 15ma (should be Treble clef 8vb)

B. Changing staff type in Staff Properties

1) create new score from scratch
2) add instrument Acoustic Guitar [Tablature}
3) Finish
4) Right click staff
5) Staff Properties
6) Change Type to Standard
7) OK

Result: clef is Treble clef (should be Treble clef 8vb)

Not sure where the code to change staff type change gets its clef info. For that matter, I wonder where it gets the string info when changing from standard to tablature - that much seems to work.


Status (old) active duplicate

You're right. I thought I remembered seeing it and tried searching, but didn't hit on the right search terms, I guess.

My case "A" above is indeed identical to the other issue, but my case "B" is different. Same root cause, but depending on how one decides to fix it, it's possible it would have to be fixed for both cases separately.

I see a "TODO" in Staff::setStaffType() to get the right clef for the instrument; implementing this would cover my case "B" above. But this function isn't called in case "A". Maybe it could be.