The case of the vanishing soprano

• Jan 23, 2014 - 07:05

Hello everybody and a happy new year 2014

I have this file from a friend's PC to which I added a few corrections and lyrics with Musescore version 1.1 for Mac (OSX 10.7.4). There is one note (measure 11, first note) that does not play. I erased and replaced it, I deleted the measure and rewrote a new one, all in vain.

The second bug is when I add "D.C. al fine" : suddenly the soprano's line partly vanishes. Only a few notes play but all is OK with the other voices and the tenor part sounds beautifully. Since the file was originally written by a tenor, I suspect foul play, but the man would have to be incredibly brilliant to insert code with such an effect. Ideas anyone ?

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On the soprano staff:
For whatever reason, the first note in measure 11 seems to be tied from the note at the end of measure 10.
Delete the last note in measure 10 so a rest will appear, and then re-enter that same note.

Second point:
Where do you put the D.C. al fine?
It seems ok when I put the D.C. at measure 17, and the Fine at 10.


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Thank you so much. Everyone is being so incredibly helpful. The first bug, the missing note, is now fixed. But the repeat still does not work. Even with the Fine at measure 11. As a matter of fact, you have to listen to the soprano line only to hear what's wrong. The second time around, half the notes are missing. I left a copy of the file in the reply above.

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Not only the 2nd time, the 1st time too
Look at the note properties, this do have a non-default ontime offset type and value, some also a non-default offtime offset type and value and a non-default velocity type and value.
That is why re-entering these notes fixes it (in some cases, but not all, strangely).
I've fixed this (everything to default velocity, ontime and offtime), see attached

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That's a good question. I'm still very much a beginner and I am so amazed at the possibilities of musescore that it did not occur to me to check for newer versions; also, to tell you the truth, I have had very disappointing experiences with some software updates in the past. And I don't mean Windows only.

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Triy 1.3. There have some issues cropped up recently with it, but only in connection with Mavericks, in which case the recommendation was to use 1.2 instead. And on some older Macs you 're still restricted to 1.1, that's why for Mac all 3 are available from the download page

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Thank you. I might try that. But I've also been thinking about another problem. I'm the one who edits scores for the choir so they can listen at home and learn musical notation at the same time. If I upgrade, everyone will have to upgrade too, in order to read the scores edited in the newer version, won't they ? The prospect is terrifying.
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Unless you are MacOS / Mavericks, there are only advantages and no disadvantages to upgrading to 1.3. And even if you are on Mavericks, you are still better off in all possible ways upgrading to 1.2. These were both relatively minor releases that fixed bugs only, didn't break anything, and in particular didn't break backwards compatibility.

Now, when 2.0 comes out, that will be a different story. Dozens of new features, tons of bugs fixed, but likely new bugs will exists, and it definitely won't be backwards compatible at all. So that would be a release to not upgrade to lightly. But 1.3 is a no-brainer.

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You can keep both installers on your Mac, but only one of them can be installed at a time.
So yes, you can download 1.3 and keep 1.1, if you only download it and nit install it...

No other member needs to upgrade. But you should recommend it to them too.

C'mon, be brave and just do it ;-)

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Per aspera ...
Consider this hypothesis:
Write your official scores for the choir, for example, with 1.2 (for print and archive);
Ask to the singers to install the Nightly.

They can learn the songs by listening to and exploit the Loop option (see attachment) for storing the difficult passages or save in mp3 format (and listen on the mp3 player).

... to the infinity ... and beyond ;-)

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