music sheet does not print correctly

• Jan 26, 2014 - 17:53

I installed MUSESCORE 1.3 under Windows XP and it is running perfectly. However, I cannot have it to print music sheets correctly. All my printers (external printers, Adobe Distiller, MS Office Document Image Writer) print abracadabra instead of readbale score. I'll be thankful to everybody who will will advise me the fix.
Many thanks, Pavel


Many thanks! Works perfectly. I did not expect that PDF is generated when the score is saved as PDF. Great idea! Thanks again. Done.

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No, this does not work at all. I'm using Adobe 9.1 Printer (Distiller) to generate PDF from all applications available (office, CADs, etc) and this works perfect. It is configured properly, although there is actually nothing to configure. When printing from MUSESCORE, it generates the .LOG file stating that some fonts are not available. I'm also using Microsoft Office Document Image Printer sometime (.MDI file extension), and it generates something unreadable. Most probably - there are some music score fonts missing. I also tried free PDF Creator application, however this one does not output anything, just shuts up. This is definately something wrong inside the PRINT function of MuseScore. Should you need info, I can provide you Adobe log file and .MDI output. However, I can live with SAVE AS PDF once it runs correctly. Many thanks, Pavel

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The primary objective of MuseScore is to produce printable scores. I've been running MuseScore under Windows XP sp3 for years and have always been able to print from a score that is opened - either from the menu: File / Print, or the Ctrl + P shortcut. It should not be necessary to save everything as .pdf, because a .pdf file can't be re-opened in MuseScore for further editing.

Are you able to print the 'Reunion' sample score that MuseScore opens by default? If you have a printer hooked up, you should be able to type 'Ctrl' + 'P' while the 'Reunion' score is displayed, after which a print dialog should open showing your installed printer(s)... and I don't mean 'Microsoft XPS Document', or 'PDF Creator', or 'Print to file'. The print dialog should also prompt for number of copies, page range, even showing a link to access printing preferences (eg. print quality, landscape/portrait, etc.)

Also, ignoring MuseScore for the moment, can you print text from Notepad, or Wordpad without as you wrote; 'using Adobe 9.1 Printer (Distiller) to generate PDF from all applications available (office, CADs, etc.'?

For most users, the difficulty usually occurs when creating a score, not printing it. You should not have to live with 'save as pdf'.


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Sure, I'm using the PDF printer via the printer list rather than running Distiller directly (FYI virtual PDF printer just calls Distiller, this is why I told about Distiller). I'm experienced PC technical professional designing h/w for PC and writing drivers for Win/Linux, so I think that I know most about DOS, Windows, Linux, etc. No need to explain start-up details to me . I have printed the REUNION demo via PDF PRINTER and have attached PDF file to this message. You can see wrong fonts there. For my surprise, REUNION has been printed, whereas my scores do not (printing my scores just generate Distiller .LOG file with errors and that's it). What can you recommend me to do? Thanks, Pavel

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THe problem I suspect here is that MuseScore embeds the music fonts in its code.

Consequently external PDF printers cannot interpret the Postscript stream correctly.

It is expected that users will generate PDF versions of the score from the Save As dialogue rather than using an external printer driver.

The problem I have found with PDFs is that MuseScore generated PDFs will not open properly in some editors, even with the embedded fonts installed in Windows.


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That's look to be correct. This is what I found also. WHat a fix? However, I can live with SAVE AS PDF, because PDF is for archive, printing and sending to people rather than expected to be back read by MuseScore. MuseScore is a great tool. I have switched to it after 10 years f.. around with FInale, Sibelius and Encore. Very stable and easy to use. Great job. However I would appreciate that the guys would fix the PRINT bug in order to make it shining.

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I see that the nightly version installation filename shows version 1-3. My installation file looks to have the same name MuseScore-1-3.exe. Is the same or different file? (just to save time to uninstall my release). If it is the same as I have downloaded two weeks ago via free download, then this is the release I'm using under XP. If you wonna me to check this under Win7, then I can do this tomorrow at my office and will let you know. I appreciate you great assistance. Pavel

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Last time I tested, which was some time ago, when I was looking to publish scores on Amazon, the problem was still extant.

There is somewhere a feature request for MuseScore to draw the actual outlines for music, which, I believe I remember when implemented meant it drew all text elements as outlines too.

Shortly after that it went back to using the embedded music fonts.

What the current status is I'm not sure.

Sorry to hijack this comment but I have an urgent problem that my printerlist has disappeared. I can only print to file.
system; Linux (ubuntu 18.04) printing via CUPS. With other applications no printing problems. Musescore 2.3.2 installed using the snap version.
Can somebody help me out?
Many thanks,

I had a similar problem recently -- could print from a pdf but printing from MuseScore stopped halfway through. The printer was giving warning messages that one of the printer cartridges was almost empty, though most print jobs still worked fine. When I put a new cartridge in for that ink, I could print from MuseScore too. I don't know why, or if this has anything to do with the OP's problem.

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