Soundfont playback issue in Musescore 2.1

• Aug 14, 2017 - 20:48

The soundfont I use, Salamander Grand Piano, produces a strange sound when the same notes are played in succession. This does not occur in Musescore 2.03.

Here is what it sounds like:

The soundfont is an sfz file. What's going on here?


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Yes, those seem to be reporting the same issue. However I have just managed to fix this issue by removing files with the prefix 'harm' from the samples folder associated with the sfz file. The sounds in these 'harm' files were being played when the same note was played in succession, on top of the sound of the note itself.

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I guess there is a sample release problem somewhere.

<group> trigger=release volume=-4 amp_veltrack=94 rt_decay=6

<region> sample=44.1khz16bit\harmLA0.wav lokey=20 hikey=22 lovel=45 pitch_keycenter=21
<region> sample=44.1khz16bit\harmLC1.wav lokey=23 hikey=25 lovel=45 pitch_keycenter=24
<region> sample=44.1khz16bit\harmLD#1.wav lokey=26 hikey=28 lovel=45 pitch_keycenter=27

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based on your advices, I commented out the whole trigger-release group and harm regions with a C-like comment

//Release string resonances
<group> trigger=release ...
<region> ...

And now the loud glitches does not appear anymore in musescore 2.1 with Salamander Piano V3 Retuned.
Thank you!

By the way, the issue remains on musescore Beta 3
[OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 2.2.9, revision: 3bb48cb]

In case if you've stuck with it. just tried out to avoid bugs for "no sound'.
I'm now using Musescore 2.1, tried all sound file and things you recommend it all but so far no response at all then moved a copy to Window Vista from Mac Sierra 10.12.6 then opened its file. Really great work!!! so think about it MuseScore doesn't support Mac Sierra yet..? what do you guys think?

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Well, it is more the other way round, Vist is no longer supported (by Microsoft nor MuseScore, but MuseScore should work), whereas Mac Sierra is supported (by Apple and MuseScore)
However there are issue with sound at times. For Mac it might be #234811: No sound on Mac and Windows, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty, so you may try this and provide us with the output.

The OP's issue though is entirely unrelated.

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