Adding an instrument to only parts of the piece.

• Feb 9, 2014 - 23:44

That isn't possible is it? Like if I only need a flute on the bridge & the end of a song, I can't just add an instrument staff for a line or 2? Or for example if the main singer is a soprano & the other singer only sings on the refrain. I woudl just like to use space as efficiently as possible, but I dont' know if it's even normal to do it that way.


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I've put it in the plugins file but the program isn't recognizing it. I've got it in my external drive so when it asked me where to unzip it to I hit 'browse' & foudn teh plugin file & clicked on it * unzipped it in there but apparently that wasn't right the right way to do it. Yes, I did restart the computer. Help? I've got Windows XP2.

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If you're talking about the slash plugin, look for it in the Lead Sheet submenu of the Plugins menu.

If you still can't find it, can you give the exact path to the folder where you put the files? There are two different places you can install to. One is C:\Program Files\MuseScore\plugins, the other is something like C:\Documents and Settings\your-name-here\MusE\MuseScore\plugins (except it's probably a bit different than that.

You don't have to restart your computer, but you do have to restart MuseScore - *after* you've unzipped the plugin.

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