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• Aug 23, 2017 - 19:17
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When messing with transposition up and down random intervals, upon fixing several parts are locked with double flats. Enharmonic fixer key (J) does not work for F double flat or C double flat, and requires manual movement to the correct enharmonic. Perhaps this is an enharmonic recognition issue, or a double flat issue. Regardless, it's a pain to have to move them all individually and changing the key signature doesn't automatically fix it, as it probably should.

By the way, I don't mean to sound ungrateful. Musescore is awesome, keep up the great work!


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Status active needs info

Please attach a sample score and some step-by-step instructions what you do, what you expect and what you get instead.
It might be better to use the forum for this, as long as it isn't clear whether there is a bug or just a misunderstanding how things are suppose to work

Here's the file. I think it happened when transposing by a minor interval up and down, though I'm not exactly sure as it happened by accident. On my Mac, 'J' does not fix the double flat enharmonic to the song's key's enharmonic, or to any other enharmonic for that matter. Specifically for C double flat and F double flat. Other notes work as expected.

(Another note: sorry if the song itself sucks, its a WIP)

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I did some more testing on another score with the same results on the double flats and double sharps. When I pressed J on a C the Dbb enharmonic was included and there were no problems with it next cycling to B#. I suspect the problem is that these problem notes can never be spelled by using the J key. The only way to make one is to place the accidental on them. It doesn't matter if you use the note input tool bar or a shortcut (I have one set up on my system), enharmonics still don't work.