Always prompts to save the file when no changes have been made

• Aug 28, 2017 - 04:34

I open the midi file, hit "play", then hit "close" buttons. MuseScore always asks if I wanted to save changes. But I made no changes!

MuseScore-2.1 on FreeBSD 11.1


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It asks "Save changes to the score ...", and I didn't change anything. What changes is it talking about?
Logically, it should ask "Would you like to save it as *.mscz". But why would I want this if I am closing it? It just doesn't make sense.

The idea behind the original question is to prevent the user from losing changes. But there are no changes!

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Sorry, I find it difficult to explain well (I do not speak English).
If you open a Midi file at the time of closing, MuseScore generated a .mscz temporary file
It is a 'new' .mscz file and you may want to save it as a score.
Maybe a little redundant but it seems useful.
There will be a better answer ;-)

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yurivict is splitting hairs because MuseScore is asking if he want to save his changes. That is, his midi file has been changed to a MuseScore file which did not previously exist. He thinks it should specifically ask if he wants to save the file as .mscz rather than save his changes. Obviously he understands what the program is asking, but doesn't like the way it asks.

@Shoichi, you were doing a fine job of explaining, yurivict is being stubborn.

One other note, this is the exact same window you get when you make a score from scratch. Perhaps MuseScore should acknowledge you would be making a new file if you save it rather than asking if you would like to save your changes. None-the-less, you have made changes to the midi score or the nonexistant score in either case.

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> you were doing a fine job of explaining, yurivict is being stubborn.

I don't think I am being stubborn here. :-) I am simply thinking purely from the user perspective. Yesterday it was the first time I ever started MuseScore, and wanted to see how it can play midi. Without knowing anything about .mscz, I opened a midi file, played it, closed it, and MuseScore tells me that I made changes and offered to save. The natural question is "What changes? I did no changes, only played it." How is this thinking unreasonable? :-)

You assume that users are aware of technical details too much in this issue, IMO.

In any case, if there is really a controversy here, maybe the right solution is to add a user setting:

> Always offer to save opened files as .mscz when opened in other formats

and change the language. The word "change" can't be used when there is no change from the user perspective.

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Well, MuseScore is not a MIDI player, the only good reason to open a MIDI file in MuseScore is to import it and make a score from it, as MuseScore is a score writer...
And to MuseScore it doesn't matter whether a score got just created or modified, it is unsaved in any case, modified in RAM, not yet written to disk.

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Sorry if that came out wrong. After I posted it I was afraid it might offend you. Shoichi is a very good contributor to the forums, but speaks no (or little) English. I wanted to reassure him that he explained it as I understand it. I believe others explained what is happening again, so I won't offer any further explanation.

You imported a MIDI file into MuseScore, so that it becomes a new (and yet unsaved) MuseScore file. On exit MuseScore warns you that this MuseScore file hasn't been saved yet.

Here's In case another perspective helps, here's how I would explain it:

The "change" referred to is the change from MIDI to MuseScore's own internal format that happened when you imported the file. What you are seeing on the screen is not the original MIDI file. MuseScore has no facility to do anything with MIDI files except to import them and convert them to its own internal format. So what you are seeing on screen is a brand new score - in MuseScore's own internal format - that has indeed not yet been saved. Hence the warning.

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I am using MS 4. It is very confusing. When I have a previously saved MS file open and then close it, MS always asks whether I want to save or not, even if I do not make changes. This is confusing, b/c I frequently have many MS files open at once, and I don't always remember the ones I have changed or not. And then even if I choose to Save an unchanged file, it asks if I want to replace the original file (even though no changes have been made). Not only is this confusing, but I am always afraid when this happens that i have inadvertendly made changes to a file that I did not intend. what is the rationale for this behavior? Can it be modified?

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If you open a score created in an older version, changes are made internally the moment you load it - updating to new fonts, new style settings, etc. Or, if you've elected not to update the fonts, then that choice itself is what would need to be remembered. So, simply save the file. Feel free to use a different filename or different folder if you wish to also keep the original for using in older versions.

I'm having this problem with Musescore files. I open files in MS 3.X, the tab appears with an asterisk indicating the score has been changed. But it has not been changed; it's just been opened! What causes this; and how do you fix it?

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