What the Heck?!

• Mar 20, 2014 - 21:47

Is this...see screenshot attached...

It happens, when I scroll....

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I have had that happen from time to time, not just with musescore.
Usually it happens when I have a number of programs on my PC running at the same time, with PC resourses at a premium, and is waiting for the system to catch up.
Shutting down other programs usually fixes the problem.
That said, this may not be your problem.

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You could try an uninstall / reinstall.

IUf that doens't fix it, then it has to be a bad interaction with some other software on your system, then - another application that replaced a shared resource MsueScore depends on, a graphics driver update, even an OS update. You might try seeing about rolling back to an earlier state to see if you can find the culprit.

If your Mac is running Mavericks, that could the issue right there - that update apparently broke quite a lot of things. For some of the issues that affect MuseScore, rolling MuseScore back to 1.2 works around the problem.

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It looks to be a graphics driver problem to me.

Either that or there are latency problems with your graphics hardware.

Have you checked for hardware problems?

If it was a WIndows machine I would be looking at BIOS settings to see whether they were set too low.

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But I have the latest Macbook Pro with a huge amount of resources....it can't be a graphic card problem to my mind...

Hmmm...any other ideas?
The problem makes me mad.....I can't work on musescore efficiently anymore which is a shame. I really loved the program..:-(....

First it didn't happen on my new machine....Maybe it came with the upgrade from osx 10.9.1 to 10.9.1?
I wonder if other user have this problem as well...



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Haven't heard of any with this specific problem. But "Mavericks", that's been known to have broken a whole bunch of things. Downgrading MuseScore to 1.2 works around most (all?) of the problems caused by Mavericks.

Btw, just becase a computer has plenty of resources doesn't mean there is 't a graphics card incompatibilty with specific software.

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A quick Google revealed this list of known issues with Mavericks:-


This includes broken scrolling in some applications.

Guess MuseScore is one of them :(

Incidentally switching to a paid app may not solve this for you - there are known problems with Mavericks and Sibelius too.

I should consult this list before spending money:_


If it is a Mavericks problem, an alternative is to install VirtualBox and install Mountain Lion into it and run MuseScore inside that.

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It would be much easier and less problematic to install a lightweight Linux (such as Lubuntu) into VirtualBox for this purpose. Not only would it start up a lot faster and take fewer resources, but you wouldn't have to jump through hoops to get sound working, etc.

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Yes, it would. You are right. But it might depend on what you are used to. The reason my thoughts went that way was because someone working in a non-Apple Apple outlet said they keep a number of the old version of OS X in virtual machines to overcome the irritations. But yes I approve of a Linux solution.

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I have had excellent results with Ubuntu Studio, which is an Ubuntu fork specifically designed for media production.

All the installed music software works straight our of the box with no need of set up by the user, unlike my experience with Mint Katya which required me to set permissions for individual applications to access the sound system!

You can even run it from a USB stick if you use a suitable installer I use Windows only Universal USB Installer which installs Virtual Box as well and gives you the opportunity to run Ubuntu Studio either in or out of Virtual Box.

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