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• Sep 12, 2017 - 17:15
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S4 - Minor

Two to report:
1. It’s not showing when the top drop down menu has already a tick on the left of the selection “Status bar”, sometimes. To solve it, it has to be unticked and ticked again;
2. It’s showing the wrong bar number reading, when there is an implement measure at the beginning of the song, with its property “exclusive from bar count” set to ticked.

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2nd point is by design. It shows measure numbers, starting from 1, regardless of pickup measures, section breaks or anything else. Same number as is reported by the corruption chakc and the same you go to with Ctrl+F, number

  1. There will not be anything displayed in the status bar if nothing is selected. If it does not show anything on the status bar when something is selected, please tell us what is not displayed. Your attached score seems to work normally.

  2. Pick up measures are always counted as measures by MuseScore and the actual measure in the score is displayed in the status bar. An example of this is if you use a section break and tell it to start numbering over at 1. If you display measure numbers in the score, After a section break it will start counting over at 1 including any pickup measure but skipping any measure excluded from measure count. However, if you select an item in the new section's measure 1, the status bar will display the actual measure starting from the beginning of the score including any pickup measures or measures marked as exclude from measure count.

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I understand this as programming unique pointing/allocation/reference need.
But it confuses user as I post on another thread I did not know which bar number to quote to readers, the bar number showing on the score? or the bottom status? and which number would the reader think I was referring?

The problem is that there there are lots of things you can do with measure numbers that would cause confusion - not just excluding the pickup but you might also reset them at beginnings of sections/movements, or set a second ending (volta) to use the same measure numbers as the first, etc. So if we reported the "user visible" measure number, it would possible be ambiguous. Status bar might read "Measure 7" but there would be no way of knowing if this meant measure 7 first movement or measure 7 second movement, or if it meant the first measure of the first volta in a repeating eight measure form or the first measure of the second volta. So the decision was made to display the actual unique measure number. As mentioned, this is something you can then use as the argument of Ctrl+F, which obviously needs a unique number for every measure.

That said, we could certainly consider displaying both (actual and "displayed") if people thought it would be helpful.

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You just refreshed me my memory with this review of almost all possible situations where measure numbers have to be unique. Just like one song I did before: I had to set the property of “add bar number” to “-31”, in order to get the second section of score display number right, a good brain is needed to work out this bar number mystery.
To display printing version of bar number in the status bar is good, it would make it easier to compare the source and the destination score side by side, and would be especially helpful when doing large score trans.

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Looking at the picture of your score, it seems the math was unnecessary. You can put a section break on the measure before this. If you right click the section break, you have the option of setting the pause length (including 0), restart the measure number at 1 and if you want the long instrument name displayed.

Status (old) needs info closed
Status needs info closed

Reopen, if you can come up with more infos reg. the 1st issue. I can't reproduce