Notes entered with Concert Pitch off sound as wrong pitch and do not transpose

• Apr 9, 2014 - 16:52
S2 - Critical

Windows 7, GIT commit: e534ccc

Really outstanding progress on the transposition issues! However, the following issue remains:

1) create new score for Bb clarinet (or other transposing instrument), key of C
2) make sure Concert Pitch is turned *off*
3) verify key signature shows D major
4) enter notes: D E F G (the F is actually F# because the key signature

Result: the pitches that sound as you enter the notes (or go back and play the notes again) really are D E F# G - they should sound as C D E F.

5) hit Concert Pitch to turn it *on*

Result: key signature changes to C, but notes don't transpose. They now display as "D E F# G", with an explicit sharp on the F.

6) hit Concert Pitch again to turn it back *off*
7) click last "G", hit up arrow to raise pitch to G#
8) hit Concert Pitch again to turn it back *on*

Result: note still displays as G.

So basically, note entry and editing with Concert Pitch *off* is broken.