MS 2.1 soundfont: viola has unwanted portamento effect

• Oct 1, 2017 - 04:50

In the MS2.1 soundfont, the viola sound tends to slide in pitch after about the duration of a quarter-note (listen to attached file). The effect is most evident on the half-notes. This makes it hard to keep the viola sounding in tune with other instruments. Has anyone else noticed this?

Attachment Size
viola_test_MS2p1.mscz 6 KB


I've examined the inner structure of Soundfont.
No special settings are available to fix.
The sample itself is as you hear it (with vibrato).

Would you turn the reverb off and listen again? (View Menu -> Synthesizer, "Master Effects" Tab, Effect A => "NoEffect")
Perhaps it can be heard in this way because of vibrato and reverb intermixed.

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