Pitched and unpitched percussion

• May 5, 2014 - 17:39

Is it possible to mix pitched and unpitched percussion notation on a single stave, rather than on several, as in a score?


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Excellent. Thank you mike320. This will be helpful when re-writing percussion scores to suit a lone percussionist, which was partly what I had in mind. As far as cues go, I wondered whether it will be possible to render them in a somewhat smaller font, as they usually are. (As you may have guessed, I am only now getting around to exploring MuseScore!)

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The inspector (press F10 to toggle it) has setting to make the notes smaller and to make them not play as needed. It is usual to put whole rests in measures with cue note, this requires voices.

It is preferable that you start new threads if you change subjects as you did, but feel free to ask for any help you need.

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A clarification: it might be directly possible in 3.0. RIght now there is a "staff type change" element that allows you to change "some" properties part way through a score, but unless I'm missing something, changing from pitched to unpitched isn't one of the things you can do. I definitely hope to see it added, along with hopefully a few other staff properties that are not included in the staff type change element yet.

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Although the example did mention unpitched, it didn't really depend on that - it was more about changing number of staff lines (as per the title, "Different number of lines..."). A change in the number of staff lines is something you can now do through the staff type change element. So, from five line to one line etc. - but it won't change from pitched to unpitched or vice versa.

Someone ( EDIT, OK, me - #278016: Add pitched/unpitched (and more staff properties) to Staff Type Change ) should post a specific feature request for this or my guess is it won't happen. I'd personally like to see everything from staff properties here, seems weird to have like 70% of it but not the rest, especially considering some of the one that are present are likely to be used less several that are not.

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Something else that is usually mentioned in this context but I didn't see here: you can generally get the desired effect already by adding separate staves then "Hide empty staves". You can even get it to switch mid-system with a zero-width horizontal frame, although that's more a bug than a feature, and I think it's fixed in 3.0, so hopefully the ability to do a true mid-score staff type change from pitched to unpitched gets implemented.

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