grrrr - can't find in Hanbook how to edit TAB notes

• Oct 9, 2017 - 22:50

I hate the new (maybe 6-9 months) searching facility. I never can find anything, hence this rave.

I am trying to find in the Handbook how to edit a single note on a TAB staff. Also how to copyNpaste two tab notes to another time position. I have tried search using
tab edit
tab note input
tabulature edit

While I am on a roll, why can't we simply see (right up front on a home page) a Handbook TOC and Index? Just like all proper reference documents are supposed to have.
tabulature input

I have not looked beyond the first page of search results.


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I suspect the poor search results are due to the website continuing to be under development. The Sort feature for search does not seem to move the results around very much at the moment. Hopefully Thomas (the web master) plans to fix this at some point.

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