Expose gateTime parameters to plugin framework

• May 17, 2014 - 17:36
S5 - Suggestion

This is a follow on from a post by Marc Sabatella in #23063: No way of controlling gateTime at present in nightlies (#6)

The current chord articulation editor, whilst it enables editing of single events, makes it extremely time consuming to enter jazz swing values or notes inegales.

A plugin to control the gateTime parameters for several selected notes seems to me to be the way forward, rather than having to faff around in the articulation editor, which currently, although several notes can be selected they can only have their gateTime parameters changed singly.

In order for a plugin to be created the gateTime parameters need to be exposed to the plugin framework


I've been discussing this with lasconic, and with shredpub, who is the GSoC student working on swing playback.

The problem as I understand it is that while ontime & offtime were formerly (in 1.3) simple properties of the note, the implementation has changed such that this no longer quite the case. Each note now can have multiple NoteEvents, each with its own ontime and len properties. Having multiple NoteEvent objects per note allows for things like playback of tremolo, mordents, trills, etc.

So while it would be possible to provide an interface that provides the illusion of a single ontime and offtime for each note, better might be to directly expose the NoteEvent list for each note and the properties and methods of the NoteEvent class.