Impossible to get local time signature with timeSig(tick)

• May 31, 2014 - 00:49
S4 - Minor

When trying to get the local time signature using staff->timeSig(tick), the function always returns 0x0.

The only way it works is if we add an instrument, then the local time signature for the new staff gets returned, but not for the others.

It seems that when opening a score, timesigs gets populated, but right after, the function Score::fixTicks() is called, which contain staff->clearTimeSig(). So all local time signature are cleared and never repopulated again (except for a new instrument as mentioned earlier).

If we comment out staff->clearTimeSig() in fixTicks(), all local time signatures show up in the score.

So what should be the solution? Commenting fixTicks is a temporary workaround for me to test my continuous panel, but we'd need find a way to either repopulate the timesigs list. Or avoid clearing the list when loading the score.


When you say "When trying to get the local time signature", what precisely do you mean? When, how & where are you trying to get it?

There seems to be more than one list of timesigs, and I can't see it remaining empty after loading the score, so knowing exactly what you're doing would really help me identify the problem

Status (old) active fixed

I filled this bug report when I was developing the continuous panel. Since then, the problem seems to have been solved and I don't see this problem anymore.

For the continuous panel, I need to get the time signature for the measure under the panel to show it in the panel.

I'll mark this issue as fixed.