Can I create a musescore score with stemless notes?

• Jun 4, 2014 - 18:40

Another educational enquiry.

I would like to write out the tune to Rock Around the Clock showing lyrics and pitch only.

I appreciate I may struggle with tied notes - (tippex?) but can I hide the stems?

I would like the children to see that certain lyrics match certain pitches without getting hung up on the complex rhythm.

Thanks in advance.


1. Right click on a note
2. In the pop up menu: Select - All Similar Elements (or in Same Staff, if you prefer)
3. Right click on one of the (now blue) notes
4. In the pop up menu: Note properties - click on the 'Stemless' box.

Select the notes, right click one of them, Note Properties, and then you can mark them Stemless. Or, if you literally want them *all* stemless, right click the staff itself, Staff Properties, and mark it Stemless. Note this doesn't work for beamed notes, but you can break the beams manually.

When I right click anywhere in the measure it only adds notes - how can I rightclick and choose properties to make the notes stemless? right click doesn't work, I'm using MuseScore 2

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If you are getting a note when you click, then you are not right clicking and are in note input mode. To select a note, press the ESC key to assure you are not in note entry mode. If right clicking a note head does not bring up a menu, then your mouse buttons are probably switched (left handers have this option in windows and probably other OS's as well). so try the other button. If a menu still doesn't show up next to the note, then tell us more about your operating system.

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Indeed, right click acts like regular click if you are in note input mode (never really noticed that before, seems we could probably take advantage of this to add a note "differently", like if we ever came up with an insert mode). So if you want a true right click, you do need to leave note input mode.

Beyond that, though, right clicking is not how to make individual notes stemless any more. This thread applied to a much older version of MuseScore. The things that formerly required a right click and then accessing a separate Note Properties dialog are now done more easily and directly using the Inspector.

Depending on your reason for wanting to make notes stemless, though, it could be this isn't what you want either. If your goal is to create slash notation, better to use the built-in facility for that - see Edit / Tools. or, if it is to have an entire staff be stemless, you can set that up by going to Staff Properties (also accessed by right click), then clicking the Advanced Style Properties button.

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