Add Note Names Dilemma

• Oct 29, 2017 - 18:08

I am using Musescore 2.1.0 and I have downloaded the Add Note Names plugin. The note names are added above the staff and I can't figure out how to place the note names within the notes. I would appreciate any help anyone would offer. Thanks

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Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the proper plugin and extracted it to the plugin folder. I then selected it under Manage Plugins.
Then, and this is possibly where I am going wrong, I select Add Named Noteheads under Plugins>Notes. I get a small window labeled Instructions and the programs signals that it is closing. I am sure the problem is mine and not the program, but I would appreciate any guidance you would offer. Thanks

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Which OS?
The plugin works for me with Linux as followed:

  • Extract the plugin in your home directory under MuseScore2/Plugins
  • Start MuseScore
  • Activate the plugin "addNoteNameHeads" via menu Plugins->Plugin Manager...
  • Select the plugin in the actual score via menu Plugins->Notes->Add Named Noteheads

An instruction window will appear, after pressing "ok" you can adjust several settings and with confirming it again with the "ok"-button, the note names appears inside the note heads.

If this doesn't work for you, maybe try to start MuseScore from terminal (console) if there's any error output.

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I'm sorry I neglected to mention, I'm using Windows 7. I followed your instructions, everything went fine until:
•Select the plugin in the actual score via menu Plugins->Notes->Add Named Noteheads
The small Instructions window attempts to open, however another window opens:
Musescore.exe has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program.
I can't seem to get past this point, any suggestions??

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Sorry, I haven't installed any Windows version on my system at time, so I can't reproduce it with Windows. Maybe another user, who're using Windows can test this plugin, if it works with Windows. Beside Mikes comment I only can suggest as mentioned to start MuseScore from command line, if there's any error message after using this (or another) plugin.

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I've tried all the other plugins and everything seems to work - except ABC Import, which results in the same problem:
•Select the plugin in the actual score via menu Plugins->ABC Import
The small ABC Import window attempts to open, however another window opens:
Musescore.exe has stopped working.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program.
At this point I will have to exercise patience and wait for much wiser minds than mine to solve this.
Thanks to everyone for their input!

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It worked fine on my Windows 10 system.

The instructions window is not small. It is of sufficient size to be able to read the instructions.

I wonder if there is a conflicting program installed, perhaps that uses a different version of QT?

My latest attempt to get the Add Note Name plugin working was to boot the computer into safe mode. I was able to select Add Note Names plugin and the Instructions window opened, but it was blank, I just hit enter and that opened the Options window, which was also blank, again I hit enter. The note names then appeared below the notes within small circles. I assume that if I can access the Instructions and Options I would be off and running.
Then rebooted the computer into Windows and got the same result I had been having, program error - shutdown.
Not sure if any of this is of any help??

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I have the plug-in installed for naming notes. using MuseScore 2.1 and Windows 7. What I am doing is selecting all the notes in my score (click on first bar, then scroll to last bar, hold shift and click again, which highlights all the notes). Then when I go to plug-ins on the menu bar I just click on Notes, then Note names, select this and all the notes are then named, above each note on the score. What I need to find out is how to position those note names a bit higher on the score, as notes from F upwards on the clef interfere with the note name. I am not sure which element of the score needs to be altered to reposition the names. I can do each individually by using the mouse and positioning them manually, but it is a lot of effort . When adding chord names I can set the line height for all chords - I like them below my melody line.

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It indeed shows a tiny window, but there should be a little bit of text in it. This seems an indication that there is indeed something off with your installation, or that you have some higher priority Qt-libraries from an incompatible version being used.

If the error isn't resolved after a reinstall; would you be willing to run some commands/systemwide searches etc to help us analyse the problem?

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Can you perform a search for dialogplugin. You should find a dll with that name located at C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\qml\QtQuick\Dialogs which should have a filesize of 248.320 bytes.
I'm curious to know if you have another somewhere on your system; either a dialogplugin.dll or a dialogplugind.dll

Similarly, a search for windowplugin should find a file in C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\qml\QtQuick\Window.2 with a filesize of 19.456 bytes.

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I ran a search for dialogplugin and the only one was in C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\qml\QtQuick\
I then ran a search for windowplugin which only showed up in C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\qml\QtQuick\Window.2
Sorry, wish I could be of more help, but I am lost on trying to get the plugin to work.
Thanks so much for your input.

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OK, this seems to mostly rule out an interfering incompatible Qt version from somewhere else.

It might take me a couple of days, but I'll try to come up with a few test plugins that each use a different part of the library to help us figure out which component exactly triggers the crash.

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If you're running Windows 7 and the plugin works, then I will assume it is something on my computer. Because I could sorta get the plugin using the Virtual PC in XP mode, I tried to change the compatibility in straight Windows 7 - nope no such luck! I see that I have a couple of Windows updates waiting to be installed, maybe that will help. I appreciate all your help but I don't want you to go to too much trouble over this.

Would be interesting if the "add note name noteheads"-plug-in works for other with Windows 7 (or other Windows versions).
Maybe you can also try out this plug-in by using the portable version of Windows (from the download page).

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I have Windows 7 Professional with the Windows Virtual PC mode for Windows XP installed.
I tried installing Musescore in the virtual PC and the" add note name noteheads" plugin, attached is a jpg of the result.
Because there are no options available I just pressed Enter, the second jpg is the result of this action.
It looks so close, just needs a little adjusting which could possibly done with access to the Options.

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Have the same issue. Unfortunately I never program in qt so I can not fix that. I use value of 0.58 instead 2.1 for y variable but x coordinate will be wrong without automatic adjustment. Background has wrong colour anyway so it would be nice to be fixed to.

NoteHeads Issue.png

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Right, the post he replied to is perfectly OK here. But BaronB is declarated LilyPond user. As we know, LilyPond is text editor basic on syntax similar to that of TeX. So I think that is no problem for BaronB to do fix for this plugin. But BaronB is typing presonal comments about my person only.

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BaronB did not say anything about you in this thread. You need to stop harassing him. There are users here who use all kinds of different programs and they are all welcomed as long as they don't post offensive words. You are starting to become offensive. If you don't start acting like an adult I will contact the webmaster to ask him to ban you and encourage others to do the same.

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