MuseScore crashes when opening plugin manager after adding new plugin

• Sep 12, 2015 - 15:25
Reported version
S2 - Critical
open issues

Start MuseScore, add a new plugin (that hadn't been registered before) while running to the plugins directory, open plugin manager. A segfault will appear:

Collect meta for
Collect meta for
Segmentation fault


Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical
Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active
Reported version 2.1


Step to reproduce (copied from 260351)

  1. open plugin manager,
  2. close it,
  3. add new plugin to "Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\plugins" folder and
  4. open plugin manager again - Musescore crashes.
    When I just rename any plugin at step 3 - no crash.

This happens in my version 2.1 and 2.2 072c135 on windows 10 as well.

Status (old) active fixed
Status active fixed

Fixed in branch 2.3, commit 7357da22f7

fix #76751: crash when opening plugin manager

The reason was not updated plugins list as local Preferences variable. It was updated only after the for loop, but setData() calls pluginLoadToggled() which seeks for the actual plugin in the list.

Status (old) fixed postponed
Status fixed open issues
Reported version 2.3 3.0

postpone testing this more thoroughly once the plugin framework in master becomes more stable