Brackets should be present on all single staves.

• Nov 6, 2017 - 18:36

I use a bracket for example for the whole choir, 4 staves.
When making single parts, the first part (= soprano) gets a bracket, the other parts not. Why? There should be a bracket for every part, isn't it?



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Not sure how your score got into this state, but normally there would be no brackets on any parts (unless the part itself contained multiple staves that are bracketed, as with a piano part). If I delete the parts in your score and generate them again, there are no brackets, which is correct.

Was there anything unusual about how these parts to exist? Was the score imported form another program or older version of MuseScore, or anything else you can think that might explain why your score is acting differently from usual?

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I had already observed this by testing the file of this thread :
Forgot to fill an issue :(

To reproduce (with the attached score of this actual thread):
1) Begin to delete parts + add an instrument with multiples staves, eg piano or harp etc.
So, you are here: Abschied von Brock, no parts + piano.mscz
2) Generate parts
By checking in parts, all is as expected (no brackets on any part, except the piano of course)
3) "I" -> Remove the piano -> OK
4) View parts

Result: each first instrument of each group/instruments family received a bracket in parts (ie here: Soprano, VNI-Gt1, Rh-Git, and Triangle) after the deletion of the piano: Abschied von Brock, parts after removal piano.mscz

EDIT: and no matter where is the place of the piano in the score, in top staff or last one, on inside.

I go to fill soon this issue (with a simple example from scratch: SATB + Piano Template)

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