Tiny text on Windows if no printer installed

• Sep 5, 2009 - 23:37
S2 - Critical

For a Windows computer with no printer installed all the text appears very tiny. (See Text disappears or goes tiny for details).

This may be related to the Windows DPI issue encountered with the MScore font in version 0.9.3 and earlier.

Workaround: http://www.musescore.org/en/node/2571#comment-6340


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WinXP Pro SP3, Musescore rev. 2168

All the text is tiny (I have no printer installed).

I don't know if this is related but the note entry buttons also look weird (jagged). When I get to the key selection screen in the new score wizard I have the same problem (the keys look really jagged and are hard to read). Could this be related to my screen resolution? (1366x768) Although, I remember also having this problem on a non-widescreen format screen.

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if you set your print spooler service to automatic startup type and start the service from run-services.msc it might go away....
at least it does on win 7 rc 32-bit

The print spooler service is already running. I think the only solution right now would be to install a printer driver, even though I don't have a printer attached.

Apropo, salutare! De unde esti? :)

Could someone please still explain why the h@ck Nightly 2358 needs the Print Spooler service running on Windows 7 RC 32-bit in order to properly display text?
It really makes no sense, like it couldn't do that without the service....
I rarely use a printer, and, I am also the kind of guy who likes to disable unused services. Could you guys please fix this some time in the future, I really don't think that this rule is needed....

It's not a rule. We don't bother you on purpose...
It seems that a printer/spooler is needed to have a DPI value to scale the text. The text is actually displayed but very very small.
I will take a closer look if I have time but remember that MuseScore is free and open source and developers are volunteers. So please stop pushing like that and show some respect...

dude, with all due respect, I am giving MuseScore that. The only thing that I am doing is pointing out the ,,odd things,, that can potentially create bad rep for MuseScore, in which people would think ill of this software.
Think of it as a friend holding tight an other friend's hand when he wants to cross the street in front of a car to commit suicide, and no letting him do it. (OK, I know it's a little bit too much, but you get the point)

So, why not spare MuseScore remarks like: ,,why the h@ck does this software behave like this,, when by small stuff you can make everybody love it?

thank you!!! see, it wasn't so hard. If someone wouldn't have yapped about it maybe it wouldn't have gotten fixed so soon.....

Thank you again for your wonderful work!!!

in windows 7 RC 32-bit, text is getting displayed in nightly 2370 without the print spooler service running. Bug fixed regarding this OS.