How to delete scores from the app?

• Nov 18, 2017 - 02:33

I have a bunch of scores in the app that were created by accident and/or I don't use any more. Is there a way to delete these?


If by "app" you mean one of the mobile apps (Android or iOS), then depending on the version, swiping should reveal a delete button, or else tap the the vertical three dots.

if you mean MuseScore itself - the program running on your computer - then there is no such thing as "scores in the app". Scores are just ordinary files on your computer, like Word documents or any other type of file. You delete them the same way you delete any other type of file. For instance, on Windows, you could use Windows Explorer to browse to the folder containing the file and delete it using that program.

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By default, scores go into a folder called Scores, underneath a folder called MuseScore 2, underneath your home or documents folder (depending on what OS you are on. You can see this by creating a score and pressing Save - the dialog that comes up shows you the folder it will save into.

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I have the MuseScore Android app, Ver. 2.8.28. Entries do not swipe and swiping does not reveal a delete button. The three-dots menu does not include a delete option, either.

Can I find the score in a phone file directory, and delete it with no consequences? I want to re-download it to see if that fixes a problem.

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