Crash when trying to print a score with an image on Mac OS X

• Jun 20, 2014 - 13:24
S4 - Minor

Impossible to print a file or use the built in pdf on mac when there is an image on the score.
Mac OS X Mavericks and Snow Leopard ans Musescore 1.3

It works well with Nightly.


Wich version of MuseScore on what version of MacOSX? Can you attach a sample score?
If 1.3 on Mavericks, can you try 1.2, if any 1.x, can you try a nightly build?
1.x won't receive further fixes, all development effort goes into the next version, of which the nightly build are sort of the alpha versions.

Sorry it is my first time reporting an issue. I've just updated. No need for testing with other 1.x if it won't receive further fixes ?