Uploading score with non-GM soundfont via Save Online

• Nov 22, 2017 - 20:12

I've loaded a few soundfonts from Synthesiser and chosen the sounds, but when I try to upload it, 'Upload score audio' is greyed out in 'Save Online'. When I go ahead with the upload, everything sounds piano.

Is it because one of them isn't General MIDI? Both are sf2 (one is Fluid).


Thank you for those speedy responses, and yes, the lack of LAME was indeed the problem.

The only problem is, the libmp3lame.dylib (v3.99.5) I downloaded doesn't work, but it does with an older one (18 March 2010) I had in my MuseScore folder.

The problem might not be limited to just me (see this).

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