Is there a way for one part (solo) not to be score with repeat barlines while other parts have them?

• Dec 2, 2017 - 20:22

I have encountered this a few times, and I didn't see anything in the forum that answered this (maybe my search keywords weren't precise enough so apologies!). If the chart has a eight measures that repeat, perhaps with first and second endings, while the soloist is playing across the 16 bars, is there some way for the soloist's part to be scored without the repeats? If they are not improvising using chords (which I can just show them the chords and put slashes in the score, therefore I don't have this problem, great), then I have to write out a solo, and the only ways I can see doing this is to either write them out in a separate Musescore file (which means they have to switch back and forth) or remove the repeat bars for everyone and just have all 16 bars in the score even with the repeated material. In the example attached, there is a four bar repeat for the rhythm section, followed by 8 bars where the first four are a variation and then the last four are a return. Meanwhile, the trumpet is playing a solo for all 16 bars. I wrote the solo out in a separate file, but the trumpet player is required to switch between the files. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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It is for very good reason that scores are not published this way - it leads to train wrecks in rehearsal and mass confusion as the director and the musicians can't figure out how to synchronize their parts. For everyone's sanity, it is extremely important these things line up in all parts and the score. If the solo has sixteen unique bars (not just the same eight bars twice), then the correct thing to do is to write it out that way for everyone else as well. I guarantee the inch of saved paper is not worth the headaches involved in trying to do it otherwise.

What you can do is to use an extra staff for the solo instrument where you put the solo for the second time through the the first eight bars. Leave the 2 volta/ending empty in top staff and the 1 volta/ending empty in the second staff. Enable "Hide empty bars" and add a few line breaks at before and after.

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