glissando from a note to a rest

• Dec 13, 2017 - 05:01

Is there a way to insert a glissando to go into a rest (my wife is working on a piece in Muse Score that has that happen several times, but the the way a glissando is done requires two notes)
If there is no other way than adding an invisible note, than so be it...


But the usual way this done for a true glissando would be to show the ending note. If there really is no specific ending note, consider using the fall symbol instead.

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That said, there is a few workarounds: just need a bit more time to achieve the same result, eg:
1) To connect the glissando, enter a note in the next beat (in other voice, and by applying invisibility, and unchecking playback). Then edit the size of the glissando.
2) Use the "Slide out down" symbol in Arpeggios & Glissandos palette. After its edit, add ordinary text (gliss.) if wished (I have not edit the default text size on this pic. below)

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Thank you cadiz1, that work around fixed things for me. Yay!
It would be easier if I could just use the vertical wavy line and edit the start and end points so the line goes on an angle. Glisses often appear going to a rest in the band music I play on saxophone, so whilst it may not technically correct, it is a usual / common convention.
Anyhoo - grateful to know how to do it now! Thanks again.

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