On an existing score, make a style, when loaded, override all existing text formats automatically?

• Dec 16, 2017 - 13:18

I have a large number of scores for which I want to change the style. When I load the 'new' style for a document, the existing text formats do not change ('Free Serif' stays as such and doesn't change to 'Palatino' for the title, subtitle, etc.). A right click on a text element brings up a 'Reset to Style' option, and clicking on that changes the font to the 'new' style. When working through 30+ scores, manually resetting the title, subtitle, composer, etc., on each is time consuming. So, is there way to tell MuseScore to override the existing text formats with the formats in the style that is being loaded? If not, this should be a 'feature request.'

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Meanwhile, though, no need to rest each individually. Simply right click one, Select / All Similar Elements, and reset them all at once using the button in the Inspector.

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