Improved string for "Makeup gain" knob

• Jan 17, 2018 - 18:39
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S5 - Suggestion

The following string (found in the translation transifex Musescore project page):
"Controls the gain of the makeup input signal in dB's".
makes little or no sense. I think it refers to the "Makeup gain" knob in the Synthesizer / Master effects / SC4. It should be
"Controls the final gain after compression, in dB"
I have tested it and it is exactly this what this knob does, adding some final gain after compression. Note that unlike "makeup gain", the concept of "makeup signal" is nonexistent, let alone "makeup input signal". Note also that unit symbols such as dB do not need to be pluralized.
To support this proposal, I've made a rapid web search which reveals that "makeup gain" appears 38000 times, many of them related to audio compressors, while "makeup input signal" appears only 113 times. Interestingly, one of the latter,, challenging that very phrase elsewhere --in the Audacity forum--, others repeating once and again the original mistake, and others referring to the other meaning of makeup related to cosmetics.
Moreover, makeup gain in compressors is applied at the output signal of the compressing device, so the only way the presence of the word "input" in this context would make sense would be as "the input signal to the makeup gain block", which is a very different thing.
Federico Miyara


For now I've corrected this in the en_US and en_GB translations on Transifex (update to the lates via Resource Manager), but indeed this should better be done in the code. Will look into this