crash when changing properties in inspector that can not be applied to all elements in multiselection

• Jan 20, 2018 - 09:06
Reported version
S2 - Critical

1 select a note or rest first, then add (STRG-click) a barline to the selection
2 open inspector and change the "small" property
-> musescore crashes


Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

'Small' is not a property that applies to barlines, or is it?

I don't see a 'Small' property being listed if I select a note/rest and a barline in reverse order (barline first)

Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active

So the real problem seems to be that the inspector doesn't show the shared properties only, but those of the element selected first

That is right, but I did not know if this is a bug or feature. Where can I get information about the planned inspector-behaviour?

The (simple) reason for the crash is a qFatal call in the switch-statements default case in Element::setProperty. If this line is commented out, only the elements with the "small" property change. That is why I thought of this beeing a feature. But if so, the shown inspector properties should not depend on the order in which the elements were selected.

So Inspector should show either only the shared properties (like in 2.x), or the combined properties (and remove the qFatat), but no just the properties of the element selected first

Exactly. I feel like showing the combined properties could become a little confusing because of their quantity. Was it someones decision to do it differently than in 2.x?

I talked with Werner
"setting unknown properties gives a crash for debugging reasons. In release code it should be ignored... multi selection is not implemented yet and should show only common properties in inspector. The implementation of properties and inspector changed between 2.x and 3.0. The property system is missing a function to list all properties of an element"

Status (old) active fixed
Status active fixed

Mixed element types are now suppressed. You won't see the properties for mixed elements.