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I cannot use the piano roll feature because only the few next notes, are visible, and this is enough for me as I like to have a view on the whole page while playing ... what would be ideal is to have a smooth going up of the page as the playback progresses and not the sudden move to the next page which happens too late and always makes me miss the first notes of the new page ... thanks !

The piano roll feature already has smooth scrolling where the page moves continuously in the window. No 'leap frogging'. Would it be possible to adapt this feature for playback? I would think the programmers could use the piano roll code as a basis and apply it to playback.
I have no idea how difficult this could be, but I think it would be easier than trying to develop a whole new module.
I think this feature takes new urgency in the era of worldwide quarantine. We are now using various internet video tools to a much greater extent than before.

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I just tried this an hour ago. It is good. There are a few idiosyncrasies. The rate of panning varies as the number of notes varies (obvious when you think about it) and the blue cursor shifts left and right. It sometimes gets quite close to the left screen margin and one gets anxious that it might actually "fall off", but it never did while I was watching. On reaching the end of the scores one gets the optical illusion that the score has gonr into reverse, the same effect one gets when you have been looking out of a train window and the train stops. I didn't like the green cursor, it was distracting and I turned it off. But a great addition. I have not been able to get together with my usual accompanist during lockdown and have recruited Musescore to do the job instead. The smooth pan avoids the frustration when the next bit to play is just off screen.

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for what I understand the scrolling goes horizontally and so gives very little visibility on the music sheet as a whole (we only have one line visible on the screen)
it would be much better (as least for me) if the scrolling was done vertically. We would constanty have a certain number of lines visible on the screen (3 or 5 ...), and those lines would slowly move from bottom to top
I have seen that on another program and that was great, no leap of page and still a good visibility on the music sheet

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Thanks for your feedback,

I have enabled smooth scrolling but page leaps still happen and then I miss at least the first stave each time …

I did try continuous scrolling but I could not manage with such a short view on the whole piece …

Maybe sometimes this improvement will find its way … have a look on music note you will see how well it works there …

When I go into a long score, about half to 3/4 of the way through playback, the full screen pages do not move or scroll properly. The page on the righthand side of the screen will sit there and not move to the left until the playback gets to the end of this page. Then the righthand page jumps to the left and disappears and the next page is shown on the left of the screen but is only half showing. The first third of the page has disappeared. The score keeps playing in this fashion until the end. It is very frustrating when you do not know what the next few bars of the score are. Is there something I should be doing on windows 10 (on my desktop) to make the scroll work? I have attached a word document showing a print screen drop of how the full screen looks when I'm playing. hope it makes sense. The third page should have jumped to the left when the playback thing gets to it.

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