Plau note 1 octave below original.

• Feb 14, 2018 - 09:41

On a score, the tenors have to sing on e octave below original, but I don't want to change the score only the voice. Is this possible and if yes, how can it be done.




Not sure I understand correctly what you want, but maybe this helps: select note(s), press Ctrl+.
If it does not, please elaborate on what exactly you want

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It's still not really clear what you mean. You want to write the score at the sounding pitch, but one note and one note only you want to sound an octave lower without actually writing it that way? Can you explain why you would want to do this?

Assuming that is what you want, a way to do it would be to use the "Fix to line" option in the Inspector for that one note. Another would be to make the note silent by unchecking "Play" option but then adding another note you set to invisible.

Or maybe you mean you want the entire part fo sound an octave lower than written? This should already be the default for tenor voice - it uses the treble clef with the "8" below it. But if you've somehow set up a score that doesn't do this already (maybe you selected a different instrument), then simply change the clef now. Looks like it is already that way, though.

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