Anyone else hearing NOTHING from support?

• Feb 15, 2018 - 00:26

I'm curious: is anyone else having problems with Musescore support? I've written to them four times now and have received ZERO responses or even an acknowledgement of my support emails. I've tried contacting them on Twitter as well. Very upset with the lack of support or even acknowlegement of emails here.


Actually yeah, I just posted something about this same problem. However, I did send the message just 4 days ago so I'm hoping it will be gotten to eventually.

For the record, though, the best way to get support on using the software is here on the forums, not email. That way the entire community is available to respond and usually does so within minutes. There really is no official / formal support system for the software itself (as opposed to the score sharing web site other than this.

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Then this should be made clear. Why have a help section that informs you to contact through the form or at if there's not going to be a proper support system in place? It leads to nothing but frustration.

I am also, for the record, still waiting for a response. So even though I've been answered here, there's been no follow-up to my emails. Not even acknowledgement that they were received.

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I think you might be confusing the score sharing web site with the MuseScore software itself. The only place you should be seeing anything about support via email is on the score sharing web site, and the support is specifically about that web site. Sounds from your other recent post that this is indeed what your question is about, so hopefully you have by now received a response as indicated above.

But anyhow, from your initial post it appeared like you were somehow expecting to receive email support on the MuseScore software itself. That is why I responded as I did. There is as far as I know nothing within the MuseScore software that suggests email support - in fact, the Help menu "Ask for Help" sends you directly here to the forum :-)

Well here it is TEN DAYS LATER and I have STILL not received any response to my FOUR inquiries and now Paypal dispute claim. I have been asking for a refund for almost two weeks with absolutely NO responses while I watch Tom respond on these forums to multiple other requests AND after being told a response was coming in THIS THREAD. Unbelievable.

I’m not sure how long it takes to get problem resolutions

I’ve sent numerous emails to every email I can find on here and haven’t gotten any personal support help by email- just the same singular automated response
I sent my original account set up email
And a pic of my statement showing the charge
I was looking ONLY to do a trial - some how I was charged $29.99 right off
I immediately tried to delete my account - I’m not sure if I have- as now I cannot even get into my to check
It doesn’t find my email

I need someone to please help make sure my account has been deleted and my $29.99 refunded asap
Thank you
Lorine Lewis

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