Separate parts for notation and tabs

• Feb 15, 2018 - 12:16

I use Musescore mainly to create scores for classical guitar. When I distribute the scores, some people prefer the score in standard notation, others in tablature, while some people want them as standard notation and tab on the same page.
I found a way to do this, but it is a hassle to achieve it this way. Perhaps there is a shorter way.
This is what I do:
1. create score in standard notation
2. add a linked stave and set it as Tab 6 strings common
3. adjust the tablature if necessary
4. add a new instrument en select "Classical guitar tablature"
5. Copy the contents of the linked tablature stave
6. Paste it in the new tablature stave
7. Remove the linked stave
8. Create the notation and the tablature as separate parts.

This way my score consists of separate notation, tablature and both combined.
If I change something in the notation, I have to make adjustments to the tablature too, because both are no longer linked.
Is there a way to create separate parts with linked staves????


You could drop the steps 2, 3 and 7 and replace 5 with copy from standard staff

But yes, being able to create separate parts from a linked staff would be a nice feature

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So, to get from scratch this "hack":

1) Create a score for guitar, standard notation
2) Generate a part (New -> Name etc.) -> Ok
3) "I" (Instruments dialog) -> Change the staff type, so for Tab
4) Generate a second part (New -> Name) -> Ok
5) "I" last time -> Change again the staff type, ie revert to Standard staff -> Add a linked Tab staff -> Ok

Result: both linked standard and Tab staff in main score + two parts, Standard and Tab

  • Other and related idea (for only switch easily from standard staff to Tab staff, ie without going to Instruments dialog when the score is created)

1) Create a score for guitar, Tablature staff
2) Generate part
3) "I " -> Change the staff type, so for Standard

Result: main score in standard notation, Part in Tab

Sorry, I have been away from the digital planet for a few days.

Thank you verry much for your advices.

@Jojo-Schmitz: You're right, I now see I made things more complicated than I should. Some of my steps are absolutely unnecessary.

@Jojo-Schmitz and lasconic: I don't care too much this hack is 'ugly'. It works, thank you.

@cadiz: I used your suggestions to recreate the template. This gave me the opportunity to restyle some other settings too.

Life would be boring without MuseScore.

I solved the same problem by manually editation of musescore file - this way:
1. make score with standard notation and LINKED tablature
2. enter some notes
3. make two part, both staffs are present there
4. save it as MSCX format
5. manually edit the file in text editor.
XML have this form:
there is global tag for all, and inside there are nested tag for the parts.
See "1 musescore xml form.txt" attachment.
6. So you can manually delete unwanted (standard notation) sections from the FIRST PART's section.
See === lines in "2 unwanted staff deleted from part.txt" attachment.
7. similar way you can delete tablature sections from SECOND PART's section.
8. BEWARE - if you delete staff with id="1", you have to change second staff id in PART section to "1". See *** lines in "3 rename part staff 2 to 1" attachment:
9. That's all. If all is OK, musescore normally open the file.
Now you have main score with LINKED standart notation and tablature, and still LINKED (via xyz tags) two parts with tablature / standard notation only. HURRAY!

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Edit in the Musescore 3:
1) there is still not possible clear way to make part with one of the linked staff only.

2) but there is new workaround:
2a) if you are not using all 4 voices, you can make part with visible only the unused voice in standard notation staff.
2b) And next in staff option of the unwanted standard notation staff you can "hide empty staff"

3) Good info is, that manually edited files - as I suggested in previous post - are still ok.

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Open your original linked score 'xxxx' and press "I" (capital i) to open the Instruments dialogue box. Highlight the linked standard stave and select "remove from score", then export what's left as a pdf with a new name, e.g. 'xxxx-tab'. Then use Undo to restore the linked score. Use the same method to export a staff only pdf as 'xxxx-staff'. Just be careful with your naming, i.e don't overwrite your original 'master' linked score.

It may not be quite as quick and slick as you want but once you learn the keyboard shortcuts it really doesn't take long to do. See also

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Thanks you,
of course, I know this method.
But what about preservation of another formating, line breaks etc.. of "tab only" part.
Also I know method with parts maked from unlinked staffs.
I think, it is justified request to have "main score" with tab and standart notation linked together and another "tab only part" still linked together with main score.
It is possible via manual editation of mscx file - see my comment from "Dec 25, 2018 - 12:47"
But it would be nice to have it supported directly in application.

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