Delete all invisible elements?

• Feb 16, 2018 - 05:43

I want to delete all invisible elements, like notes, rests, articulations, texts, etc. Is there any way to do so?


Invisible elements (after applying the invisibility via V shortcut or in Inspector) can be completely hidden in View -> Untick "Show invisible"
You can delete notes, rests (except rests in voice1), articulations, etc, by selecting all similar elements.
But what exactly your goal? (not really clear here)
Can you provide more information on what you attempt to do.

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I am not aware of current plans, but feel free to file an official feature request via the issue tracker.

Perhaps better, though, would be to understand the use case here and solve it more directly. Eg, why are there invisible elements in your score that you don't want exported, and is there maybe a better way to achieve this? Like, maybe there is a better way to accomplish whatever you are trying to do via invisible elements. Or perhaps MusicXML export could simply be changed to exclude invisible elements automatically.

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