Rit. & Accel.

• Feb 17, 2018 - 01:22

One of the songs I'm arranging has both a rit. and an accel. in it, but I can't find how to do either. Someone help me please!


Or, if correct playback isn't important, just enter the text as tempo text (Alt+T). You can set the desired tempo in the Inspector, but it will be a sudden, not gradual, change - unless you install and use the plugin.

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You mean, say, by taking a crescendo line, flipping it so that it appears above the staff, changing the text to "accel.", and changing the continuation text to "(accel.)"?

I mean, it works fine, but for what it's worth, when I first transitioned from sibelius I was shocked that there wasn't a 1-step way to add an accelerando or ritardando line. Is there a plan to add one to the palette? In the meantime, is there a way for me to add my own custom line to the palette?

In Sibelius, the accelerando and rit lines could be added in one click and had properties that could affect playback. I think this is the natural way to do things, no?

All that said, the tempo change plug-in works great, and any comparisons with sibelius must acknowledge how impressive MuseScore is and it's becoming. So I say these things in the spirit of improving the user experience of an already great piece of software!

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Well, I wouldn't start with a crescendo line unless you want to hear crescendo in playback. Also the layout rules are different - crescendo lines will try to align with dynamics, for instance.

Instead, I'd start with a more generic line - like the one that just has VII as the text. Change that text, make it dotted. And yes, you can easily add customized elements back to the palette - just Ctrl+Shift+drag it. So it takes an extra minute to setup once, but after that it is as easy as anything else.

And yes, someday we do hope to implement native tempo changes. I was just addressing how to get what you want now.

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