• Feb 28, 2018 - 14:36

Dear music lovers,
I often have to raise or lower a number of octaves for my fellow musicians. Their flutes do not have the pitch of the pieces they want to whistle.

This is very easy with musescore. I sect their party and set it up or down with a number of octaves using the "Notes" function. To increase or decrease a party an OKTAAF, I have to do at least 2 actions. First I have to choose a "SECUNDE" increase or decrease and then for a "SEPTIEM". After this action, the game has been raised or lowered by 1 octave. My question is: Why is it possible to transpose in the list of notes, not to increase or decrease a "OCTAVE" option? Or should I look elsewhere for that option in the program menu.

FredPaul Vogel


There is a shortcut to transpose an octave, press ctrl+arrow (down arrow moves the notes down an octave).

Edit: somehow I didn't see the other responses when I selected the thread.

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