Shortcuts working even under different windows

• Mar 6, 2018 - 22:26

I would like to have an option for shortcuts being disabled when they are not needed.

For example when I am searching for an instrument sound in the drop-down menu in the mixer, I will type "pizz" to search for "pizzicato section" but as soon as I type "z" the master palette shows up, as "z" is assigned the shortcut for the master palette.

This is useful in most cases but I certainly don't need to look at the Master Palette when I am searching for an instrument in a drop down menu. Therefore I think the shortcut should be disabled by default when another window is active, ex. the mixer window.


I never noticed before. I guess I never typed a z or an i before. I agree the windows should not pop up while you are searching in the mixer.

In general, shortcuts already are tied to the specific contexts - quite a bit of work goes into keeping this straight, in fact. But no doubt a few cases here and there fall through the cracks. I can confirm this one. If you encounter other specific cases where things aren't working, please let us know.

Q for other developers: a quick look at the code shows me that the shortcut for symbols command looks similar to other similar shortcuts like "I" for the instruments windows, except it is set to Qt::ApplicationShortcut. Other commands set that way cause the same issue (Shift+T for time signature palette, for instance). Most of the shortcuts set to ApplicationShortcut are ones where this is probably fine (F4 for start center, etc). "Z", "Shift+T", and "Shift+K" seem like the most obvious exceptions. Is there a reason these are set that way? Maybe there is a better choice?

EDIT: I tried removing that line so it would use the default, but then it no longer acts as a toggle - pressing "Z" again doesn't close the window. So I guess that's something this was designed to buy us. But maybe there is a better way.

Musescore 2.2.1 rev. OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.2.1, revision: 51b8386
I found this thread when searching for posts on a similar problem: if I open the File menu and, out of habit with other programs, hit A to go to Save As, it does not work as this is not defined in Musescore. However, if I happen to have a note selected in the score I want to save, that note is changed to an A, even though the File menu remains open; the first time this happened I did not even notice it until the next time I opened the score. It would be safer if the A I typed would be either ignored or signalled as unapplicable in the File menu (and similarly for other drop-down menus).

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