Note spacing too tight....

• Mar 7, 2018 - 07:44

How can I expand the spacing show in in the attachment? Notes C and D, in the same measure, are too close for my likes. I'm using MuseScore v 2.10. Thx

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However, you probably shouldn't be messing too much with stretch in this measure only - it will produce inconsistent spacing compared to the rest of the line. Might be better to put fewer measures on that system using a line break or by increasing stretch more globally. Posting the actual score rather than just a picture will allow us to advise better.

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I assume you also know you've made the size enormous - this will print in a size you might expect to see in a book for small children? Would also make sense for the visually impaired. If that was your intent, great. If you were just trying to make things look bigger on screen, better to just use the zoom setting in the toolbar. But as it is, with the extra-large print size, then indeed looser spacing also makes more sense. MuseScoere increases spacing proportionally, but for children or the visually impaired, you actually want more than that. You can use stretch for this, or just set the default for music spacing to be looser in Style / General / Measure.

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