Finlandia Project

• Mar 8, 2018 - 19:28

I am trying to make a finlandia project and it does not sound right.
How do I fix it?


You are going to have to explain what does not sound right. Attaching the source and MuseScore file and tell where it sounds wrong is the best way.

The best way is to attache the score, to explain how you feel it's sounds and to describe, what you expect it should sound.

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What specifically does not sound right? are you saying you are having trouble figuring out what notes you want to enter, or that you think MuseScore is somehow not correctly playing the notes you entered? For general musical advice on how to arrange songs, probably better to ask on a web site / forum devoted to arranging and music theory.

The tremolos you entered are kind of odd. Maybe you were trying to do something else but couldn't figure it out? See the Handbook under "Tremolo" to learn more about tremolo. As it is, you told MuseScore - and the human musicians reading your score - that you want 16th notes throughout that passage. I'm guessing that isn't true, you really want something faster. So use the tremolo with more bars. Also, the places where you have tremolos between two notes of the same pitch don't make sense - tremolos between notes should normally be different notes. Otherwise, you probably want the single-note tremolo.

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