• Mar 13, 2018 - 05:10

How can I include castanets in the score and in the playback?
I tried claves, tested all drumset sounds, but they all lack the clapping sound of castanets



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Actually it seems better to use some "pitched percussion" instrument and then choose "castanets" from available sounds. Then you can use note chords to try to imitate real castanet sound. A castanet player may have differently-pitched pair of castanets in each hand.

so, castanets should be moved to "pitched percussion" and default sound should be "castanets"

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Castanets are not pitched instruments, you don't write specific pitches for them. it's true they come in pitches, but the same is true of snare drums, tom toms, etc. At most, it might make sense to enhance the drumset definition for castanets to reflect the different pitch possibilities, much as is done for other unpitched drums.

As for the sound, you are always welcome to load a different soundfont if you find one that suits your needs better.

How do you write for Castanets? I can't figure out how to drop a note in. Is there a window I need to bring up in the Palettes? I don't see the palettes that has x beat.

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