Verification of found bug: Custom text+palette

• Mar 13, 2018 - 20:51
  1. Create a staff text, type something into it, then change its style. For example here will be chosen "Technique" text style.

  2. To be thorough with the reproduction of the found bug, customize this to be something, anything. E.g. borders and some background colors were chosen and customized.

  3. Now that there is a customized text on the sheet music of the style "Technique", add this to a custom palette as if it were to be useful in reuse.

Here is the bug:
If one selects an appropriate location on staff (a note head) and then inserts this customized text item from the palette via double-clicking, the style doesn't get applied, but the text itself appears. If afterwards a "reset to text style" in the Inspector is performed, it includes the changes made of course. Yet, if the user drags-and-drops with the mouse the text item from the palette to an appropriate position on the staff, the style is retained along with the text. This doesn't make any sense and it would seem the two methods should be executing the same code, the same functions.

This seems worthy of an issue tracker post? Any previous mentions known of this incongruity?


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