default zita reverb settings too boomy

• Mar 25, 2018 - 16:42
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S5 - Suggestion

By default, zita reverberates a lot of low frequency content and is a bit too wet overall, leading to a lot of boomy noise in full scores. I find the following changes to the default zita settings sound much more pleasant to the ear:
1. Set the "Low" knob pointing directly to the left.
2. Turn down the dry/wet mix knob one notch to the left (should be pointing diagonal up-left).

You can really hear the difference when playing the drum set. With the default settings, the reverberation on the kick drum contributes a lot of low frequency rumble into the sound. With my new settings, the kick drum sounds much more crisp.

The attached .zip file contains audio recordings for comparison, a screenshot of my proposed zita settings, and the project file used to generate the OGG recordings.

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