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• Mar 30, 2018 - 02:04

My band director has asked me to transpose the Bb Contrabass Clarinet part in Ticheli's Blue Shades to an Eb Contrabass Clarinet. Only problem is, MuseScore doesn't seem to have those, as I only found "Contrabass Clarinet" and it seems to be for Bb Contrabass Clarinet. Is there any way I could replicate an Eb version of it after I finish it, like changing the key and moving the notes into the key or something like that?


Richt-click into the staff, staff properties, change transposition from major second to minor third,

But maybe we should also add an Eb Contrabass Clarinet to our list of instruments

Are you sure it is an Eb Contrabass Clarinet, not an Eb Contra-alto Clarinet?
If really Eb Contrabass Clarinet, what is its range?

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Eb Contra Bass doesn't exist. Never has. You must be thinking Eb Contra-Alto. I play all the time with community group and clarinet choir. There is a Bb Contra Bass Clarinet. Hope this helps. Musescore has a great Eb contra-alto instrument setting as well as Bb Contra Bass instrument.
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