Bug? CPU spikes and lag when using Ctrl+arrow to position elements

• Apr 5, 2018 - 15:37

When I open the attached score and edit one of its parts, and try to position for example a rehearsal mark with selecting it and pressing Ctrl+arrow keys, the positioning happens very slowly, causing CPU spikes and is freezing the entire UI for up to 1-2 seconds.

This is Musescore, Windows Store version.

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Which really is MuseScore 2.2. while MuseScore 2.2.1 in the Windows store is (availabe since a few hours)

I don't see CPU spikes though, not on Windows 7 nor on Windows 10, not with a plain score, but indeed with yours, which has quite a view linked parts, which most probably is the reason for this (it shouldn't be, as movin that rehearsal mark should not change any of the parts)

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No, that is an idiosyncrasy of the Windows Store, Microsoft insists in 4 digit version number and dosen't allow change the last digit for some stupid reason. (2.2.1) got into the store today, was the first 2.2, than a fix was needed to get the icons right, so there was a 2nd 2.2, now named in the store.

FWIW, the file seems unnecessarily large, like there are tons of duplicated elements in there, but I'm not actually seeing anything in particular. Chord symbols seem especially problematic - removing them all speeds things up noticeably - but I don't see any obvious reason why this should be.

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