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• Apr 5, 2018 - 17:49
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Saving a score online does not use the name associated with the score, it uses the last name of any score saved online. If you save score named "1" online, then work on and save score "2" online then go back and work on score "1" and save it online it will save to the name "2" unless you manually change it to one. Once a score have been saved with a specific name, it should default to that name for all saves, and only by "Save As" should the name be changed.


Grrr. No I can't reproduce now.

My use case is I am using Musescore on my iPad (iOS 11.3) to play along with while practicing Cello. I enter scores for practice on my Mac (MacOS 10.13.3) in Musescore and upload them online. Then download to my iPad into Musescore Songbook. On several occasions I have edited existing scores and then when I reloaded them to my iPad the edits have been saved under the wrong name. I thought at the time I was saving I had noticed the wrong name in the save dialog. It is normally for me to work on 5 or 6 scores at once and to edit as many at once, and to save them intermittently as I work.

However, now in attempting to recreate this I have been unable to do it "intentionally" starting with new scores - so for now, you mark this as not a bug or delete it and I will continue to monitor. If I can get a reproducible sequence I will repost it.

Thank you for the rapid response, and I apologize for the false alarm!

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Just a note. I have a bit more information. Apparently this is only happening with one of my scores. I expect this particular score I started with another score, and made changes, then renamed the score and did a save as to the new name.

In any case, now, when I open Musescore and look at this score, and then do a save online with out making any changes, the other scores name shows up in the save dialog. I have looked around and can not find the other file name anywhere in the settings, but it continues, repeatably, to show up when I try to save it online. Attached is the file, I don't know if it will help.

I will continue trying to create a reproducible sequence.

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I did that, but the problem is in Musescore app and not the online file (I think). I just opened the original file (Volume 1 No 3) and made a change and tried to save it online and it now says the Title to save to is Volume 1 No 4.

The sequence was, I created Volume 1 No 3 first. Saved it and Saved it online. I think opened it and made changes and did a Save As Volume 1 No 4. And then did a Save Online and changed the name to Volume 1 No 4.

Now what seems to happen is if I open No 3 and make a change then save it to local disk and online (making sure the name is correct in the dialogs) and then open No 4 and make a change and do a Save Online, the name for No 3 shows up in the dialog.

My feeling is it is related to these two files in particular, something about how I created the second one? Maybe the File ID is somehow not unique?

Anyway, If I can reproduce it from start I will open a new ticket, right now it is repeatable with these two specific files over and over again, but I have not been able to duplicate it with new files. Maybe this was a bug in 2.1 (where I created the originals) and it no longer occurs in 2.2?