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• Apr 12, 2018 - 17:06

Working on a file earlier today - saved & closed as usual. Just re-opened, and the dialogue box 'Load Error Can't read File' pops up. Can I recover the file somehow?

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@GFord.... Again?

It has happened to you recently:

Today you wrote:
saved & closed as usual. Just re-opened... etc.

How exactly do you 'save and close as usual'?
For example, do you close the MuseScore application and answer the prompt:
"Save changes to the score Title before closing?" ; or do you use the menu bar: File -> Save and then close the MuseScore application.

Do you load scores with MuseScore already opened (i.e. using File -> Open), or do you simply double click on a .mscz file and have the OS open the MuseScore application together with the score?

What OS (operating system)?


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I save and close the file or files I've been working on, and then close the application. To open, I click on the MuseScore icon on my task bar, and go into open recent files. I'm using Windows 10. I am one of the world's leading techno-idiots, so I very well could have done/not done something to cause the problem. Just being honest!

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Your profile shows you as active since 8 years 1 month.
Have you been using MuseScore all along for those years?
Did you have any problem like this in years' past?

This problem you have encountered (your score file filled with zeroes) has been attested to by others over the past few years. Prior to that, problem files could sometimes be repaired by opening the uncompressed .mscx file and checking syntax in a text editor for any anomalies. Other fixes included using a zip repair application to fix a bad .mscz (zip/compressed) file.
Today's problem is unlike those from the past, as there is nothing repairable in your file, so it can't be fixed.

Please keep an enhanced vigilance; and, going forward, report anything you think might help.
See Jojo's issue tracker (which he mentions above):

I, fortunately, have never encountered this problem. You, unfortunately, have - and also as recently as 2 months ago. :-(


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1) You have encountered two times this issue. Can you described in detail (step by step) what is your common/"automatical" way to save a score?
2) Was the involved score created with MuseScore, or was it originally a XML file, MIDI file, or PDF conversion, etc. ?

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@GFord... to clarify

cadiz1 wrote:
Have you received a crash when saving ... your file...
your answer:
No, only on opening it ...
So... did MuseScore actually crash when opening - i.e. with the message 'MuseScore has stopped working'.
Was it just the 'Load Error Can't read File' which appeared?

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I think he just stated what was it, in the beginning of the thread: "..saved & closed as usual. Just re-opened, and the dialogue box 'Load Error Can't read File' pops up". I think that it wasn't a MuseScore crash. So the corruption happened either on his last manual Save/Save As, and/or internally in MuseScore (but I have a hunch that MuseScore didn't alerted or warned at all of a problem, before the reopening

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