Delay in new version?

• Apr 15, 2018 - 23:15

Since installing the new version, I have experienced a significant delay on entry of notes that I never had in the previous version. Anyone else have this happen? This is both midi entry and keyboard entry [percussion, particularly].


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Sorry, I don't know anything about background process. I do use W 10. The delay is annoying and makes for occasional mistakes because of the lag. I can live with it, but if there is some sort of bug, I thought I would let y'all know what I am experiencing. Thanks as always!

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You probably have more instruments than usual. I would suggest extracting parts after the score is complete. This is a good idea any way because there is still the occasional bug that pops up with items entered in the main score not being properly put into the parts.

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I find I was not correct about "always" extracting parts after the score is completed: Lately, I have gotten into a habit of extracting all the parts except the percussion, then writing the percussion after everything else was done. [Note: I HATE writing percussion parts!]
I thought about what you all said when I reported the problem of a delay when I wrote percussion parts. Today, I wrote the percussion at the same time I did the others parts, only to experience no unusual delays in inputting the notes, etc.
I learned a valuable lesson, one others should also heed!
Thanks as always for the help from this wonderful forum!

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I'm glad this helped you. For the sake of others that this does not help, there are systems with sufficient resources to handle having parts extracted. Mine is not one of those, so when someone mentions the delay I make the suggestion based upon my experience. Sometimes it solves the problem, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't it's usually related to some other issue with the user's system or using an older version of MuseScore.

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Let me figure how to do that. As an additional piece of information: the delay was worse when I was entering the percussion parts, using the qwerty keyboard. Monotonous drum parts where I am hitting the A key, O key, or B key over and over was just way behind from my entry to when they showed up on the page.

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Yes. But why mscx rather than mscz? See the attached for how much smaller it gets, so it'd save space on your disk, on, and save time and bandwidth on up- and download, so s 4*win situation.
The score isn't exactly small, 26 pages, 11 (linked) parts.
I do notice a delay when changing the pitch of a single note, but only a very slight one.

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The Union Quadrille-part 2.mscz 175 KB

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I originally sent it in mscz, which I typically use, but Mark said that it was the wrong one, because it had a comma? So, I sent the mscx version [which had no comma] ,also saved in my file. Can you explain the difference and why there are 2 options?

As to the delay, I said before, I notice it more on repetitious note entry, like percussion parts.
Thanks for the help!

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This is odd. I click "save as", then musescore file (.mscz) I have always assumed that is how my file is saved: musescore file (.mscz)
Yet when I go to create the attachment for you, clicking this line, the file identifies as .mscx when I look under "properties". How can this be?

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As I mentioned, if you once before saved it as MSCX, then it will remain in that format. So maybe you did that in the past - or perhaps started each of those scores by copying an existing one? Anyhow, we can't go back in time and diagnose what went wrong. We can look at the present, though. So try the following:

1) File / New
2) enter whatever you want - any title, any instruments, etc
3) when done, do File / Save

What format do you see listed in the dropdown at the bottom of the dialog? Should be "MuseScore File (*.mscz)". And file name should default to something like title.mscz. Is that what you are seeing or not?

Now, hit Save, and go to your file browser (eg, Windows Explorer) and tell us what file name you see. Is it title.mscz or title.mscx?

If title.mscz, then everything is working normally, and whatever went wrong on those other files, just ignore, because aside from wasting disk space and losing out on a few niceties here and there, those files are just fine if they are in a non-optimum format.

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I've loaded your score and am playing with it and don't see any obvious problems, not with percussion or anything else. I mean, it's not the snappiest in the world - a noticeable fraction of a second to perform any edit - but that's to be expected given the number of instruments and the fact that parts have been generated already. And it's no different for me in 2.1

Can you give us precise step by step instructions to reproduce the issue? Also, are you using a non-default soundfont?

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