thirty-second note tremolo

• Apr 21, 2018 - 14:47

when i make a 32nd note tremolo it sounds like 2 notes being played really fast

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That's what Musescore does, plays two notes really fast. This is part of the old "MuseScore is a notation program..."blah blah blah. The good part is that is seems there is an effort to improve playback now.

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Tremolo should be smoother than what MuseScore makes it. Everything played in MuseScore has a little bit of Staccato, so honestly I don't expect anything more until the playback algorithm is improved.

@xXx_Pug_xXx I agree the tremolo lines should not be taken so literally at times, but it's a computer and there are no options to control the speed on tremolos.

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Create 2 notes of equal length (1/2 notes in 4/4 time). Make each one a 12th-let by using the menu Notes->Tremolo->Other... and setting the ratio to 12/8. If it's 4/4 time then in each tuplet make 2 dotted 1/4 notes with the proper pitch and apply the proper tremolo between notes to the first note in each tuplet.

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